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Patrick Manthe is an Artist based in the Philippines

Born in 1974 and raised in the Alpine town of Chur in Switzerland, Patrick Manthe discovered his love for graphics, design and art at a young age and spent a lot of his free time during his childhood drawing and sketching. After completing four years vocational education as an architectural draftsman he continued working in this profession for another three years before enrolling in one of the many renowned Hotel & Tourism Management Schools in Switzerland.


Equipped with two very different skill sets he embarked on his professional hospitality journey, gaining experience in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, The Maldives, Vietnam, Thailand & the Philippines while also traveling extensively to many other countries around the world.


Living abroad and exploring new cultures has also influenced his artistic work over the years, and he has experimented with different expressive and creative art forms such as sculptures, paintings, paper collages and photography.

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Now a resident in the Philippines and the General Manager of Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay, Patrick Manthe uses art mostly as a form of relaxation and reflection, drawing his inspiration from brief glances and momentary expressions of human faces. Creating a unique combination of impressionistic and realistic elements in his portrait paintings is what informs his current artistic work.








Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time



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